ping’s technology helps eliminate texting while driving by enabling commercial drivers to hear messages out loud.
A distracted driving crash results in damage to orders, delays, unhappy customers, revenue loss, injuries, and liability.
Be Kind Tech Fund’s investment will help fund ping’s business development and expand global availability, creating a safer experience for drivers, passengers and pedestrians.
Garin Toren - ping CEO & Founder
Millions of gig economy drivers are put in danger every day by the constant notifications and alerts delivered to their smartphones across a variety of apps, which contribute to distracted driving and often lead to accidents. Our goal is to keep drivers and passengers safe by eliminating distractions and helping them get home safely. The Be Kind Tech Fund’s mission to prevent the misapplication of technology is perfectly aligned with the purpose of our platform, making this support from the Fund and its ecosystem especially meaningful.
Garin Toren
ping Founder & CEO

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