Partners & Advisors

Center for Humane Technology

Aligning technology with humanity’s best interests.
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Endeavor is the leading global community of, by, and for High-Impact Entrepreneurs.
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A nonprofit independent membership organization that supports the growth of private capital in LatAm & the Caribbean.
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Nazca Ventures

Revolutionary empowerment for founders in LatAm, balancing the status-quo between capital and talent.
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Advancing technologies that support the health of the planet.
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Riverwood Capital

Experienced investors with deep passion for technology, growth and building long-lasting companies.
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The George Washington University School of Business

GW Business is committed to cutting-edge research, providing students with the best business education available.
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This is the call for like-minded innovators, dreamers, and visionaries to join us.

There is power in numbers. The time to act is now.