MIT Sandbox
MIT Sandbox provides seed funding, mentorship, and entrepreneurship education to empower student innovators.
MIT Sandbox encourages students to explore ideas, take risks, and prepare to launch their ventures.
Every student who participates in MIT Sandbox gains insight into entrepreneurship and leadership that they will use throughout their careers.
"MIT Sandbox is thrilled to partner with Globant on such an important mission: building technological solutions that seek to ethical humanity. By connecting with the Be Kind Be Tech Fund community, the students at MIT Sandbox can bring their bountiful creativity and entrepreneurial skills to achieve this shared mission through a network of like-minded innovators."
Jinane Abounadi
Executive Director of the MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund Program

Join Us_

This is the call for like-minded innovators, dreamers, and visionaries to join us.

There is power in numbers. The time to act is now.

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