Nazca Ventures
Revolutionary empowerment for founders in LatAm, balancing the status-quo between capital and talent.
Nazca builds profound relationships with smart, bold, aggressive, yet human and self-aware leaders in Latin America.
They provide multi-stage venture capital early on, delivering learning opportunities and unparalleled expert networks, enabling access to key stakeholders and gatekeepers.
“Since our founding in 2014, we’ve seen several immensely talented entrepreneurs in Latin America and beyond with ideas that can change the world for the better–they just need the opportunities and tools to put them into action. As a partner of the Be Kind Tech Fund, together we will empower revolutionary start-ups, who are improving how we use technology and its impact on our lives, to reach their maximum potential.”
Jaime Zunzunegui
Managing Partner at Nazca

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This is the call for like-minded innovators, dreamers, and visionaries to join us.

There is power in numbers. The time to act is now.

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